Special Biomedical Services

Lifescience Resources 24/7 Remote Systems Monitoring

Lifescience Resources remotely monitors several mission-critical PACS servers and other equipment in real time and on a continuous basis.  Such monitoring tracks temperature and other environmental measures, system error messages, data mirroring and validation, and the integrity of archives.

Technical Biomedical Services Support

Lifescience Resources can provide technical support to the biomedical staff of a hospital or other qualified provider. Occasional technical services will be provided without cost, and more intensive technical or on-site support can be negotiated on a custom basis.

Service School for Biomedical Personnel

Several manufacturers provide training schools in Hawaii by special arrangement, and we work to have these scheduled each year for local biomedical technicians.

Upon request we also provide clinical applications training to biomedical technicians who want to be better versed in the clinical aspects of the equipment they work on.

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